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BaywerksWeb ServicesWeb Designing & Development
Attractive and impressive web designs, designed to achieve optimal result is what everyone is looking for. An ideal website is a blend of several factors, starting from its aesthetic presentation to its user experience with its interactive interface, to its efficient optimization and ecommerce factors. Baywerks excels in its Web Design and Development strategies with its team of highly qualified professionals, who have specialised in the research and development of this aspect of Web. Often a company's online performance is what makes or breaks it and hence it's crucial to have an efficient website in place. Baywerks attempts at achieving a product website that is conceived in such a way that the design catches the user's attention, and encourages him to discover through the site in a simple and speedy manner to drive him to a favourable outcome.
Some of the key factors that we concentrate are
Innovative marketing strategies- Technically perfect websites can provide mediocre results if not marketed properly and hence Baywerks creates sites, which are search engine friendly and can give excellent results. Our professionals follow the latest marketing trends and are constantly improving and innovating themselves to achieve the desired results from targeted audience.

User friendly and Interactive Interface- This is a crucial aspect to keep in mind while designing websites as only such websites generates more traffic and helps to achieve a larger audience. Baywerks has an expertise in landing pages those results to drive conversions that are more qualified.

E-Commerce- Baywerks realises the importance of the e-commerce component in the websites and integrate the best-suited one for the client.

Content Placement- Precise and relevant content placed at the right place is extremely important to help the user to prolong his/her attention. The Home page content is extremely crucial as it has to be catchy and needs to be a mirror of what to expect in the site.

Designs Layouts and visual enhancementsBaywerks is an expert at designs and layouts as we make it adjustable to all screens and modules so that there is no problem while accessing it in the computer, laptop or smartphones. The visual enhancements that are incorporated are aesthetically pleasing with a font that is attractive and readable. Baywerks keeps in mind the aspect of User Experience , ensuring that it clearly satisfies the target audience.
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Baywerks Technologies
No.51, Jalan Bungor 3,
Bandar Botanic, 41200 Klang
Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone :+60 192733775.
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Corporate Office:
Baywerks Technologies Pvt Ltd
No.56C, Lakshmana Saamy Salai, K.K. Nagar,
Chennai - 600 078. Tamilnadu.
Phone : +91 - 9940638400.
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.